Benefits of Collaborative Law


The collaborative process allows spouses to reach agreements without combative court appearances and contentious trials. This process can also promote the transition to a positive future working relationship between the parties. The benefits of the collaborative process are many and include the following.

Creative and Cooperative Problem Solving

Negotiations take place in an atmosphere of respect allowing the parties to experience compassion, understanding and cooperation. The attorneys and all other third party professionals work cooperatively with one another and their clients to resolve the issues. As a result, the parties are not forced into adversarial positions, but rather negotiate in good faith to reach a settlement, employing creative solutions to ensure that both their needs and the needs of their children are met.

Less Stress

This process is much less fear and anxiety-provoking than traditional court proceedings. The parties retain control of the process by working together with their attorneys to reach a mutually created settlement, rather than having decisions made by a judge or third party. The clients, not a court, are the ultimate decision makers on the critical issues that will affect their lives.

Increased Communication Tools

The open communication experienced in the collaborative process gives the parties new tools for effective problem-solving techniques. This is especially beneficial for clients that will continue to co-parent children once their divorce is finalized.

Supportive Team Approach

In the collaborative process, the parties are given the support they need to navigate a difficult and emotional time. The dialog and problem solving techniques employed by the collaborative attorneys provide a positive working environment for the parties. In addition, when beneficial to the clients, a team approach may be used by inviting specially trained independent third party professionals to offer clients specific guidance in areas such as cash flow, tax consequences and co-parenting.

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