Benefits of Divorce Mediation


Benefits of Divorce Mediation

The decision to separate or divorce is one of the most difficult and disruptive situations a couple can face. Divorce mediation allows separating and divorcing couples to take control of their own lives and provides them a calm and safe environment conducive to making sound and positive decisions about their future. The benefits of divorce mediation over the traditional legal divorce process are many and include the following:

Retained Control and Flexibility

Divorce mediation avoids turning over decision-making to a third party (i.e. a judge), and allows the parties to retain control over the process by permitting them to decide what is best for them and their children. Divorce mediation is flexible and provides the parties the opportunity to explore creative solutions to the issues and problems arising from their divorce.

Reduced Stress

Divorce mediation helps parties communicate in an appropriate manner to achieve the goal of separation or divorce. This process of encouraged collaboration reduces stress and tension and allows the parties to openly discuss the issues and make decisions together that are in the best interests of both parties and their children.

Reduced Time

Divorce mediation takes significantly less time than the traditional legal divorce. In general, an agreement can be mediated in approximately three (3) to four (4) two-hour sessions as opposed to months or even years for the traditional legal divorce. The reduced time it takes to complete divorce mediation means families can move forward with their lives more quickly and begin the process of healing.

Reduced Cost

The cost of mediating a divorce agreement is substantially less than attorney-negotiated, collaborative or litigated divorces. In general, mediation is usually 65% to 80% less expensive than a traditional litigated divorce.

Establishes a Foundation for a Future Parenting Partnership

A cooperative parenting partnership is something divorced parents need to make the transition to separate homes easier for their children. Because divorce mediation is based on cooperation, not competition, the parties work together to develop a parenting plan that best supports the needs of their children. In return the children see their parents working together to ensure their best interest. Parties in divorce mediation often learn new ways to communicate with each other that will benefit them and their families for years to come.


Divorce mediation is confidential; personal and financial matters are not publicly disclosed and neither the mediator, nor any of the parties can use what is said in mediation as evidence in a court.

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