Divorce Mediation FAQs

How does divorce mediation differ from the traditional legal divorce process?

In a traditional legal divorce each party has a lawyer advocating for his or her respective needs. Unfortunately, these needs are often determined and defined by the attorneys, with each party solidifying its position based upon the advice and strategy of his or her attorney. Even when the parties are amiable, the traditional legal process promotes formality and adversity. In addition to being time consuming, this process often escalates tension and hostility between the spouses resulting in considerable financial and emotional costs to the parties.

By contrast, divorce mediation empowers the parties to reach their own resolution regarding the issues in their separation or divorce. Divorce mediation results in significant financial savings since an agreement is typically reached in a much shorter time frame than litigation

How long does divorce mediation take?

The average divorce mediation process can be completed in one initial consultation, three (3) to four (4) two-hour mediation sessions, and a final meeting to review the prepared Separation Agreement. More complex cases may take longer to complete.

How much does divorce mediation cost?

Divorce mediation services are provided at an hourly rate, payable at the conclusion of each session. Divorce mediation does not require the payment of an up-front retainer. The average, total time billed to clients will range from 8 – 12 hours, including the preparation of the Separation Agreement. Because I am an attorney mediator, I will prepare for you a formal Separation Agreement, rather than a Memorandum of Understanding. Once signed, this Separation Agreement is a formal, binding contract between the two spouses.

If I use divorce mediation, will I need a separate lawyer?

Although it is not required that either party have an attorney, it is recommended that each party consult with an independent attorney to review the terms of the mediated Separation Agreement.

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