Elder Mediation FAQs

How does elder care mediation work?

In elder care mediation a trained mediator works with family members to create a workable and mutually acceptable solution to their conflict. Elder care mediation is private, confidential and voluntary and meetings are held in locations that meet the family’s needs, including private homes, the mediator’s office or a senior living facility.

What if some family members are out of town?

It is most beneficial if all participants are present for the mediation process, but if distance is a problem, conference calls or video calls can be arranged so that everyone is able to participate.

What is the cost of elder care mediation?

Elder care mediation services are provided at an hourly rate, payable at the conclusion of each session. Elder care mediation does not require the payment of an up-front retainer. The hourly rate can be divided between all participants if desired. There will be an additional charge if the parties request a written agreement at the conclusion of the mediation process.

What types of disputes can be handled in elder care mediation?

Elder care mediation is capable of dealing with a variety of issues including: living arrangements for the elder, health care decisions and medical treatment, caregiver burnout, financial decisions, financial management and power of attorney, end of life decisions and health care proxies, estate planning and inheritance issues, guardianship, autonomy and safety, and driving and transportation issues. In some cases, it may be appropriate to have third party professionals such as lawyers, care managers, doctors or financial planners attend the mediation session. The expertise of these individuals combined with their knowledge of the elder’s and family’s needs may be very helpful.

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