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Divorce can be one of the most stressful, frightening and difficult times of an individual’s life. Unlike traditional litigation which often adds to the fear and anxiety of the divorcing couple, the collaborative matrimonial process is non-adversarial, and combines legal guidance, compassion, creative problem-solving and open communication to assist couples reach an amicable resolution. All negotiations take place in direct conferences between both the parties and their attorneys. Each party has built-in legal advice and advocacy during negotiations, and each attorney is committed to guiding the parties toward a reasonable settlement that meets the needs of the divorcing couple and their children. The parties and their attorneys sign a participation agreement which commits everyone to good faith negotiations and full faith disclosure. In addition, the participation agreement commits the attorneys to withdraw if a settlement is not reached and either client chooses to go to court. Because a fair settlement is the only goal, the parties are encouraged and guided to communicate their real needs and interests and to recognize the needs of their children as well as the needs and interests of the other party. Depending on the clients’ specific needs, with their permission, third party professionals, such as child specialists, or financial experts, may be engaged to assist with certain issues.


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